Care and Counseling Center

Care and Counseling Center

Sunset on the Central Coast of California

The Care and Counseling Center (CCC) of Atascadero, California CCC was founded in 1991 to provide counseling and psychotherapy to the San Luis Obispo county community.  Adults, teenagers and children, couples of any kind, families of any blend, and groups are provided therapy services at CCC.

Julie joined CCC in 1996 and has helped enhance a focus of treatment that includes EMDR therapy, domestic and interpersonal trauma, intervention in the areas of interpersonal trauma and child abuse, couples issues, anxiety, and depression.

Julie works with very young children, teens, and all ages of adults.

The Center also serves those who struggle with or suffer from: anxiety, grief and loss, depression, trauma, life transitions, men’s issues, women’s issues, marital and couple conflicts, domestic and interpersonal violence verbal and physical violence, early trauma (before age 3 and 4) parenting and family issues, nightmares, trouble getting along with others or finding one’s way.  Calling on the phone is the first step toward getting your needs met and therapy goals achieved.

While we are a strong general service counseling center, we also offer specific services such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)therapy for those who have been affected by trauma or who have developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD can develop in people who have been exposed to traumas such as automobile and work related accidents; interpersonal offenses such as domestic violence, rape, and war; natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms; and other adverse childhood or adult experiences such as a life treating illness, the loss of a loved one, or watching a parent being arrested. Soldiers, law enforcement, railroad workers,  and other first responders for example who were exposed to trauma in the field or who have lost friends can suffer from PTSD.  PTSD can seemingly occur months or years after the traumatic event. Some people do not develop full-blown PTSD, but simply notice life is no longer as robust and easy as it used to be.

Adverse childhood experiences, or ACE’s, are events that don’t rise to meet the criteria, but are just as potentially harmful as events most would agree are traumatic. For more information about ACE’s, see  To find your own ACE score, see what is my ACE score?

Individuals who have been harmed by those in authority – parents, teachers, coaches, clergy, youth groups leaders, law enforcement, doctors and therapists, and so on also can have their lives become negatively affected by those interactions and can develop for instance, depression, anxiety, or PTSD depending on what happened.

Children and adults can suffer from the confusing and demoralizing effects of childhood neglect long after the neglect is over. Sometimes it can seem more difficult to put the finger on the source of pain when “nothing bad really happened” yet nothing really good did, either, or the bad totally outweighs what good did happen.

As you can see, people can come to be hurt in a variety of ways we might originally discount, and so become diverted away from the healthiest, most secure, and forward progressing sense of self possible.

People who have hurt others through unkind behaviors such as abuse or neglect can also suffer from the memories of those times, and can suffer from the effects those behaviors may have had upon others. We may be able to help you help relieve the burden your actions have caused others and yourself. Please call for a free telephone consultation to see if this is the right place for you.  Or, if you would like, email me and leave the best days and times to call you back by clicking here.